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How to Reregister

Re-Registration FAQ’s

Question 1. When does Re-Registration for the next school year start?

Answer: Re-Registration opens up once a year, in Mid-February for the following School Year. MEVA will send announcements to families by email, and post information on the MEVA Website & Facebook page to announce when the Re-Registration window opens.


Question 2. How do I Re-Register my Student?

Answer: You use the same “Parent Enrollment Portal” that you used at your Student’s initial enrollment. The Step by Step Guide is located here; . This portal opens up once a year for Re-Registration, during the window.


Question 3.  Is there assistance available, to help walk me through the Re-Registration process?

Answer: Yes, we hold a Re-Registration Open House & Helpdesk session every year in Zoom. Links will be emailed to families. You can also call us here at the school for any one-on-one help or troubleshooting 207-613-8900.