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How to Reregister

Re-Registration FAQ’s

Question 1. When does Re-Registration for the next school year start?

Answer: Re-Registration opens up once a year, in Late February for the following School Year. MEVA will send announcements to families by email, and post information on the MEVA Website & Facebook page to announce when the Re-Registration window opens.


Question 2. How do I Re-Register my Student?

Answer: You use the same “Parent Enrollment Portal” that you used at your Student’s initial enrollment. the updated Step by Step Guides are emailed to families annually. This portal opens up once a year for Re-Registration, during the window.


Question 3.  Is there assistance available, to help walk me through the Re-Registration process?

Answer: Yes, we hold a Re-Registration Open House & Helpdesk session every year in Zoom. Links will be emailed to families. You can also call us here at the school for any one-on-one help or troubleshooting 207-613-8900.